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Outdoor LED Display丨Wood Elf Series

HUB Cable-less Connection, Easy to Assembly


Pluggable power box without cable connecting , elegant design. Take a second to remove saving maintain time


High Precision Die-casting Aluminum cabinet


High strength, stable and durable cabinet design ,not easy to deform

Ensure the accuracy and flatness of cabinets splicing.

Single Operation Design


Only need one technician to

install LED Screen.

Fast side and handle lock with safe design

to prevent the mistakes.


High Strength Corner Protector


Folding all- around corner protector

Each pixel well-protected

Light Weight, Born for Rental

LongRun Wood Elf Series for Rental Used,Easy to Operation

Two Cabinet Sizes (Option)


Two cabinet sizes available: 500*500/500*1000mm

two cabinets support mix splicing



 Technical Parameter


Item E2.60 E2.97 E3.91 EH3.91 EH4.81
Module Size(mm*mm) 250*250*16 250*250*16 250*250*16 250*250*16 250*250*16
Module Resolution(L*W) 96*96 84*84 64*64 64*64 52*52
Scanning mode 1/32 1/28 1/16 1/16 1/13
LED Configuration 1R1G1B 1R1G1B 1R1G1B 1R1G1B 1R1G1B
LED Type SMD1515 SMD1515 SMD1515 SMD1515 SMD1515
Service Way Front/Back service Front/Back service Front/Back service Front/Back service Front/Back service
Installation Way Back installation Back installation Back installation Back installation Back installation
Cabinet Size(mm*mm) 500*500*90 500*500*90 500*500/1000*90 500*500/1000*90 500*500/1000*90
Cabinet Resolution(L*W) 192*192 168*168 128*128/128*256 128*128/128*256 104*104/104*208
Physical Density(dot/m²) 147456 112896 65536 65536 43264
Brightness(cd/m²) 700~900 700~900 700~1000 3300/5500 (Option) 3300/5500 (Option)
Cabinet Max Power Consumption 650W 650W 650W 800W 800W
Cabinet Aver. Power Consumption 200W 220W 220W 260W 260W
Cabinet Weight(KG) 7.3KG 7.3KG 7.3KG/11KG 7.3KG/11KG 7.3KG/11KG
Cabinet Material Die-casting aluminum Die-casting aluminum Die-casting aluminum Die-casting aluminum Die-casting aluminum
Protection Level IP45 IP45 IP45 IP45 IP45
Contrast Ratio ≥5000:1 ≥5000:1 ≥5000:1 ≥5000:1 ≥5000:1
Grey Scale 14bit 14bit 14bit 14bit 14bit
Refresh Rate(Hz) 3840Hz 3840Hz 3840Hz 3840Hz 3840Hz
Refresh Frame Frequency(Hz) 50/60Hz 50/60Hz 50/60Hz 50/60Hz 50/60Hz
Horizontal View Angle(Deg) ≥140° ≥140° ≥140° ≥140° ≥140°
Vertical View Angle(Deg) ≥120° ≥120° ≥120° ≥120° ≥120°
Best Viewing Distance(M) 3M 35M 4M 4M 5M
Input Voltage(V) AC110Vz~AC220V AC110Vz~AC220V AC110Vz~AC220V AC110Vz~AC220V AC110Vz~AC220V
Module Max Current(A) 8.5A 8.5A 8.5A 12A 12A
Working Temperature(℃) -20℃+80℃ -20℃+80℃ -20℃+80℃ -20℃+80℃ -20℃+80℃
Working Humility(RH) 10%RH~95%RH 10%RH~95%RH 10%RH~95%RH 10%RH~95%RH 10%RH~95%RH
Life Span(H) ≥100000 ≥100000 ≥100000 ≥100000 ≥100000
MTBF(H) ≥10000 ≥10000 ≥10000 ≥10000 ≥10000



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